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Trade of paper for recycling in good hands

  • The paper industry needs reliable trade of paper for recycling for the manufacturing of its recycled products. However, paper for recycling supplies are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for paper for recycling. Supply reliability is a top priority for REMONDIS Trade and Sales in trade of paper for recycling. We supply paper-producing companies reliably with the raw materials they require in large quantities. Long-term purchase agreements with our raw material sources secure our supplies in trade paper for recycling.

  • Supply reliability and product grade diversity for the international paper industry

Supply reliability at all times

  • Generous storage spaces held by REMONDIS support the supply and flexible paper for recycling deliveries to the paper industry

    Our trade of paper for recycling activities protect our customers in the paper industry from the fluctuations typical of the paper for recycling supply market. To achieve this, we not only continuously analyse the international paper for recycling market and secure sustainable raw material sources, but also provide our own storage spaces for trade of paper for recycling, along with customer-oriented warehouse concepts. This allows supply bottlenecks to be avoided in advance. We have secured reliable supplies through our customer-oriented scouting and contractual agreements with the paper sources. For our logistics in trade of paper for recycling, we utilise all conventional means of transport, such as rail, truck and ship.

Paper for recycling grades to meet customer wishes

  • The market offering of REMONDIS Trade and Sales in the trade of paper for recycling sector is focussed on multiple paper for recycling grades. These range from average grades and superior grades to kraft grades and custom grades. The paper industry places continuously rising requirements on its individual raw materials, and benefits from our many years of comprehensive expertise in trade of paper for recycling. The starting material is originally supplied in the form of sheet material, pallet material or rolled goods, and in our state-of-the-art sorting plants we use this to produce the raw material of paper for recycling – on an order-specific basis, to meet grade-specific customer requirements.

  • The full supply spectrum of REMONDIS in trade of paper for recycling covers around 100 different grades

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